Frequently Asked Questions


What is required if I want to move in?

A medical assessment including chest x-rays, financial assessment and finally approval from the regional health authority is required before you can move in.

Do I have to sign a lease or agreement?


Am I required to pay last month’s rent in advance?


Will my rent increase?

Rental rates are reviewed on an annual basis to reflect ongoing market conditions.

What happens to my money if I move in?
Your money remains your own and you simply pay the monthly rate for the room which you have chosen. If you cannot afford the monthly rate then a financial assessment will be completed to determine if you qualify for a subsidy.
What is a subsidy? Who qualifies?
A subsidy is an amount paid by the Provincial Government when an individual cannot afford to pay for a room on their own. A subsidy also provides for transportation to and from appointments such as physicians. When an individual is subsidized, neither the Provincial Government or us as facility owners have access to an individual’s bank accounts. We have resources available to help you navigate the financial assessment process and arrive at the best possible position for each individual.
Can I decorate my room?
Yes. Your room is your home and we want you to feel comfortable there. Some residents bring small personal furnishings, hang pictures and personalize the room. Our maintenance staff will be happy to assist hanging pictures. You may also decorate with seasonal items such as Christmas wreaths.
Can I control the temperature in my room?
Yes. Each room has individual temperature controls.
Do you have on-site dining services?
Yes. We have an onsite kitchen and chef preparing three nutritious meals per day plus evening snacks and lunches.
Can my diet restrictions be accommodated?
Yes. Any specific needs will be discussed during your assessment.
Can my meal be delivered to my room if I become ill?

Yes. If you are unable to make it to the common dining area for any reason we will ensure your meals are delivered to your room nursing you back to strength so you may again participate in the social aspect of dining with your fellow residents.

Will I be required to change physicians or my pharmacy?
You will not be required to change your personal physician; however, we have an agreement in place with a major health services provider and you will be encouraged to participate for maximum benefit for your prescription needs.
Do you offer recreational or social events?
Yes. We have employed recreational directors to plan and facilitate stimulating social, educational and fun activities for our residents.
Can I smoke in my room or the dining room?
No. Springdale Retirement Centre is an entirely smoke free facility; however, there is a designated smoking area located outside the building.
Is parking available?
Yes. There is ample parking available for residents and visitors.
Do you allow pets?
No. For the health and comfort of all our residents and staff, pets are not permitted in the facility.
Who takes care of general maintenance such as changing light bulbs?
Maintenance staff are available for repairs of this nature and general upkeep of the facility. There is no additional cost for this routine maintenance.
Can I have overnight guests? Where would they stay?
No. Due to provincial regulations overnight guests are not permitted.
Will I be permitted to leave the facility for short or long term visits with family?
Yes. You are free to come and go as you please; however, you will be required to notify staff of your plans so we can ensure you are properly prepared for your leave from our care including the necessary medications.